What we DO

As a specialist in the luxury, lifestyle and real estate markets, Bakken Whitaker Branding provides vision, know-how
and personalized expertise in these niche markets. Our award-winning creative carries a big impact impact,
selling to the demographics you most want to reach. That’s not just a promise. We have the experience to back it up.
We create exactly what you need. Beginning to end. Concept to completion.

We work with companies to create a visual presence across all medias that resonates with the company’s key qualities
and connects them with their target audience. Whether it’s defining your brand from top to bottom
or working on a single project with a tight deadline, our goal is to make you shine.

There are a few standards that we adhere to that make for a great partnership.
We listen to what you need, what you want and what your best possible outcome for the project would be.
We ask questions. We talk. We keep you involved and educated as we collaborate
to find your compelling message and what makes the most sense for reaching your audience
while getting you the most out of your marketing dollar.

Michelle Bakken Whitaker

Michelle founded Bakken Creative Company in 1999, a branding agency that has been highly recognized in its industry.
Michelle’s previous experience includes working as an Art Director, Senior Art Director and Associate Creative Director
for Doner, Gams Chicago and Draft Worldwide/Chicago. She has received several hundred branding and advertising awards
and her work has been featured in many advertising and design publications.

Reach out. Let's work together.